*OLD* News about CIRA

This page remains for the sake of historical interest.
Most of what it refers to has long since been superseded

Fri Mar 2 00:39:22 EST 2001

While CIRA is still working on the transfer-of-registrar facility, we should now be able to request manual transfers with CIRA. Please email such requests to: registrar@registry.ca, or registry@cs.utoronto.ca .
An interface will be provided once CIRA completes its mechanism.

Feb, 2000

CIRA currently provides two ways to register a "conflicting domain". Until they change it again, it can be done simply when it's for the same organization. CIRA's much more complex conflict-resolution mechanism must be used for requests from an unrelated organization. Write for current details.

Tue Oct 31 18:39:41 EST 2000

CIRA wrote in a Registrar advisory:
"There is no late registration penalty prior to December 1st (2000)."

Tue Oct 31 16:14:36 EST 2000
CIRA announces OTD extension to Nov 30th!

Applications already received are being processed in an orderly manner as quickly as possible. You will be be advised by email as your turn comes up.

Please ensure that your email address of record in the UBC|CDNNET database works - that's where CIRA will send your confirmation and completion instructions.

During this period, please refrain from calling or sending email unless it's absolutely necessary. Everyone is better served if I can devote that time to processing your pre-registrations instead.

Mon Oct 30 21:20:20 EST 2000

The assigned CIRA transaction server was down again today, this time for about 10 hours! In brief, we lost another whole day of CIRA processing. Such breakage at CIRA continues to compound the delays in processing pre-registrations.

I have urged CIRA in very strong terms to delay it's OTD for a month to permit orderly pre-registrations to be completed. I'm told that CIRA is "working on it".

Tue Oct 17 12:19:56 EDT 2000

CIRA has corrected the decryption problem they were having and is now accepting applications as of about 9am this morning. I'm transmitting applications I've received to CIRA as they come up for processing.

CIRA has necessitated a change to the "special policy for recent registrants", which is now reflected in that section below.

There are problems with some CIRA pre-registration applications where the information provided didn't exactly match what's in the UBC|CDNNET database - it must be exact. I'll write to those affected one by one. If you get an error message directly from CIRA about such, please resubmit your request accordingly.

Thanks for your patience.

The CIRA pre-registration forms were activated at 1am 00/10/16. Generic URL: http://www.registry.ca/ Direct URL: http://www.registry.ca/cira.html (obsoleted)

If you're not seeing the new forms now, you're browser is likely serving up it's old internal copy. You can correct that by flushing your browser's cache. That might be a good idea in general - there will likely be a few tweaks necessary as CIRA evolves its mechanisms.

Please have a look at the documentation pages, there may be some items of interest to you.
What took so long? There were numerous problems getting everything just right for CIRA, and then for the last two weeks, the encryption/decryption problems with CIRA mechanisms have taken their toll. In fact, CIRA still isn't ready to accept applications encrypted they way then insist on them, so interface testing with CIRA hasn't been possible. They've had a look at the forms and advise that they're exactly to spec, so hopefully they won't change their minds.

CIRA's been working on the decryption problem over the weekend and have promised me that one way or another, they'll either be able to decrypt applications from us by tommorrow, or will make alternative arrangements with me for transmission and processing. I'll transmit all applications for CIRA pre-registration to CIRA just as soon as CIRA is ready.

"CA Registry" is a CIRA Certified Registrar, effective September 15, 2000, and will be pleased to assist you during and after the transition to CIRA from the historical CA Domain Registry.

The new web server has replaced the original one implimented back in 1993. It will provide the necessary new interfaces, forms, and documentation, as these become available over the next little while.


Special policy for recent CDNNET registrants via CA Registry

I recognize and appreciate that this additional cost is especially significant to those who have recently registered their subdomains. To be as fair as I myself possible can be to those whose recent registrations I've handled under the old system, I will handle CIRA pre-registration of existing subdomains I've processed and recently registered at minimal cost to the registrant.

00/10/19 CIRA has forced more changes, so I have no choice but again modify this to conform to CIRA's dictates. Please read the updated " Special Policy " for further information.

This special policy only applies to CIRA pre-registrations through "CA Registry" as a CIRA certified Registrar, for those CA subdomains registered by "CA Registry" with CDNNET between Aug 1st and Nov 1, 2000. It does not apply to subdomains registered through other parties. This opportunity extends to Feb 1, 2001, after which time all applications will be treated as "new" by CIRA.

CIRA's announced .ca Domain Registry Transfer Schedule:

-Pre-registration for existing domain names begins on September 18
-The operational transfer of the registry takes place on November 1
-As of November 1, new registrants will be permitted to register under new regulations
-The 30 day grace period for existing .ca domain names ends December 1, though CIRA will charge a "late fee" after Nov 1st.

Still to be announced are dates for:
- A public consultation on the Canadian presence requirements for registrants
- New rules for registration
- An alternate dispute resolution process

Manditory: Existing CA subdomain re-registration with CIRA:

La version frangaise de ce message suit la version anglaise.

On June 5, CIRA, the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Government of Canada announced that they had reached agreement on the terms under which CIRA would assume responsibility for the top-level .ca registry. The transfer from UBC will give the not-for-profit CIRA complete responsibility for managing the .ca domain.

UBC will be transferring responsibility for the .ca Registry to the CIRA on or about November 1st, 2000, the Operational Transfer Date or OTD (you may find the announcement at the CIRA website at www.cira.ca).

Prior to UBC transferring responsibility to CIRA, i.e. before November 1st 2000, all existing .ca domain names must be pre-registered with CIRA. This message contains instructions on how to pre-register existing domain names. Failure to pre-register an existing .ca domain name may result in the deactivation of the domain name and may even lead to the domain name being assigned to another Registrant.

Registrants wishing to pre-register existing .ca domain names with CIRA should be aware of the following:

- Registrants can only pre-register their existing domain names with CIRA through CIRA-Certified Registrars (Registrars).

- CIRA's official list of Registrars can be found at https://www.cira.ca/cira/public?LANGUE=en®IS=1.

- CIRA will begin processing requests from Registrars for the pre-registration of existing .ca domain names on September 18th, 2000 at 9:00 Ottawa time.

- Registrars will be charged a fee by CIRA for each domain name they pre-register. Each Registrar is free to set its own fees to Registrants.

- The length of the pre-registration term for each domain name will be a minimum of 12 to 24 months, as set by CIRA, depending on the anniversary of the registration, the registration fees will be pro-rated to this length (Registrars will be able to advise Registrants of the exact minimum length). Registrants may have the option, depending on their Registrar, of pre-registering their domain names for terms additional to the minimum (rounded up to the nearest year), in increments of 1 year, for up to a maximum of 10 years, with corresponding fees.

- Pre-registration requests will only be accepted for Registrants included in the current registry systems maintained by UBC. The CIRA process of approving pre-registration requests requires, amongst other things, that the contact information in the UBC Registration must match the information in the pre-registration request. If the information does not match, the pre-registration request will be rejected. Therefore, Registrants should ensure that the contact information for their Registrations at UBC is up to date prior to having a CIRA-Certified Registrar submit a pre-registration request to CIRA. Registrants may review and update their Registrations prior to having a pre-registration request made for them either through the services of Registrars or directly at http://www.cdnnet.ca/update.html.

- Registrants will be expected to enter into a contract with their Registrar.

- Registrants will also be expected to enter into a contract with the Registry, CIRA. A copy of the Registry's Registrant Agreement can be found at http://www.cira.ca/en/docs_regis.html .

- Under certain conditions Registrants of 3rd and 4th level .ca domain names (e.g. sample.on.ca or sample.ottawa.on.ca) may request an upgrade to the corresponding 2nd level (sample.ca) at no charge. Please check with your Registrar for details.

- CIRA will advise Registrants directly, via email, of successful domain name registrations, in the CIRA Registry, by Registrars on behalf of Registrants.

Registrants wishing to pre-register existing .ca domain names with CIRA should:

- If the Registrant is currently using the services of a Registrar, they should discuss pre-registration options with this Registrar.

- If the Registrant is not currently using the services of a Registrar, they should select a Registrar from CIRA's official list of Registrars on the CIRA web site.

- Make the necessary arrangements with a Registrar to have a pre-registration request submitted to CIRA prior to November 1st, 2000.


Vous recevez ce message parce vous jtes inscrit comme itant le contact administratif ou le contact technique pour un nom de domaine .ca existant. Il est trhs important que vous lisiez attentivement les instructions qui suivent afin d'assurer l'exploitation continue de votre nom de domaine .ca.

Le 5 juin dernier, l'Autoriti canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet (ACEI), l'Universiti de la Colombie-Britannique (UBC) et le Gouvernement du Canada ont annonci qu'ils avaient conclu une entente pour transfirer ` l'ACEI la responsabiliti du registre du domaine de tjte .ca. Par suite de ce transfert, l'ACEI, un organisme sans but lucratif, assumera l'entihre responsabiliti de la gestion du domaine .ca.

Le transfert opirationnel de la responsabiliti du Registre .ca de l'UBC ` l'ACEI se fera effectivement le ou vers le 1er novembre 2000. Vous pouvez consulter l'annonce ` ce sujet sur le site Web de l'ACEI ` : www.cira.ca.

Prialablement au transfert de la responsabiliti du registre .ca de l'UBC ` l'ACEI, c'est-`-dire d'ici le 1er novembre 2000, tous les noms de domaine .ca existants devront jtre pri-enregistris dans le nouveau systhme de l'ACEI. Vous trouverez dans ce message des instructions sur la fagon de pri-enregistrer votre nom de domaine .ca existant. Si vous ne pri-enregistrez pas votre nom de domaine .ca avant le 1er novembre, celui-ci deviendra inactif et pourra mjme jtre attribui ` quelqu'un d'autre.

Les titulaires de noms de domaine .ca existants qui disirent pri-enregistrer leurs noms de domaine auprhs de l'ACEI sont aussi avisis de ce qui suit :

- Les titulaires devront obligatoirement passer par l'intermidiaire d'un registraire agrii par l'ACEI pour faire pri-enregistrer leurs noms de domaine existants auprhs de l'ACEI.

- La liste officielle des registraires agriis par l'ACEI est disponible sur le site Web de l'ACEI ` : https://www.cira.ca/cira/public?LANGUE=fr®IS=o.

- L'ACEI commencera ` traiter les demandes soumises par les registraires pour le pri-enregistrement de noms de domaine .ca existants le 18 septembre 2000, ` compter de 9 h, heure d'Ottawa.

- Les registraires devront payer des frais ` l'ACEI pour chaque nom de domaine qu'ils voudront faire pri-enregistrer. Chaque registraire sera toutefois libre d'itablir son propre barhme de frais pour fournir ce service aux titulaires.

- La piriode couverte par le pri-enregistrement de chaque nom de domaine sera d'au moins 12 ` 24 mois, et sera diterminie selon la date anniversaire de l'enregistrement original conformiment aux rhgles itablies par l'ACEI. Les frais d'enregistrement seront fixis au prorata de la durie couverte par la piriode de pri-enregistrement. (Les registraires pourront priciser aux titulaires la durie minimum exacte de la piriode de pri-enregistrement applicable ` leurs noms de domaine). Les titulaires pourront aussi se voir offrir le choix par certains registraires de pri-enregistrer leurs noms de domaine pour une durie plus longue que la durie minimum requise (arrondie ` l'annie la plus prhs). Cette piriode pourra jtre prolongie en incriment d'un an jusqu'` un maximum de 10 ans, moyennant le paiement des frais correspondants.

- Les demandes de pri-enregistrement ne seront accepties que pour les titulaires de noms de domaine .ca existants qui sont actuellement enregistris dans le systhme maintenu par l'UBC. En outre, le processus itabli par l'ACEI pour l'approbation des demandes de pri-enregistrement exige, entre autres, que les renseignements sur le contact qui figurent dans le systhme de l'UBC correspondent aux renseignements fournis dans la demande de pri-enregistrement. Si ces renseignements ne sont pas les mjmes, la demande sera rejetie. Par consiquent, les titulaires doivent s'assurer que les renseignements sur leur contact contenus dans leur enregistrement ` l'UBC est ` jour avant de demander ` un registraire agrii de soumettre une demande de pri-enregistrement ` l'ACEI. Les titulaires de noms de domaine .ca existants devraient virifier et mettre ` jour les informations les concernant avant d'autoriser leur registraire ` soumettre une demande de pri-enregistrement en leur nom. Pour ce faire, ils peuvent s'adresser ` leur registraire ou encore aller directement sur le site http://www.cdnnet.ca/update.html.

- Les titulaires devront signer un contrat avec leur registraire.

- Les titulaires devront aussi conclure une entente avec le nouveau bureau d'enregistrement, en l'occurrence l'ACEI. Un exemplaire de la Convention d'enregistrement de l'ACEI est disponible ` : http://www.cira.ca/fr/docs_regis.html.

- Dans certaines conditions, les titulaires de noms de domaine .ca de troisihme ou de quatrihme nouveau (par exemple, organisme.on.ca ou organisme.ottawa.on.ca) pourront demander que leur nom de domaine soit enregistri comme un nom de deuxihme niveau (par exemple, organisme.ca) et ce, gratuitement. Veuillez vous adresser ` votre registraire pour plus d'informations ` ce sujet.

- L'ACEI communiquera avec les titulaires directement, par courriel, pour les aviser que leur demande de pri-enregistrement d'un nom de domaine soumise ` l'ACEI par l'intermidiaire d'un registre agrii a iti acceptie, et que leur nom de domaine a iti effectivement enregistri dans le registre de l'ACEI.

Pour pri-enregistrer un nom de domaine existant auprhs de l'ACEI, les titulaires doivent :

- S'ils utilisent prisentement les services d'un registraire, discuter avec ce dernier des choix qui s'offrent ` eux pour le pri-enregistrement de leur nom de domaine.

- S'ils n'utilisent pas les services d'un registraire, ils doivent en choisir un parmi la liste officielle des registraires agriis qui se trouve sur le site Web de l'ACEI.

- Ils doivent ensuite prendre les dispositions nicessaires avec le registraire de leur choix pour qu'une demande de pri-enregistrement soit soumise ` l'ACEI avant le 1er novembre 2000.