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If you think this is complicated, you get no argument from me.
I don't make the rules - CIRA does. I just try to help you with them.
Ed Hew, CA Registry
Original Publication date: Sat Nov 4 01:06:41 EST 2000

The following set of tips is an enhanced and updated version of information originally provided by CIRA, intended to help you with problems you might encounter during your registration process with CIRA, or if you later encounter difficulties with CIRA's confirmation processes for any updates you may need to make to your .CA domain record.

Before you start ...
It's vitally important that your Admin email address of record is correct, otherwise you will not be able to receive CIRA's instructions on how to confirm and complete your CIRA domain registration transaction. The largest single problem is when people don't receive CIRA's instructions, account and password.

Alternatively, you may be having problems with your computer or connectivity.

In addition to the "tips" below, the CA Registry forms and tools to help you are under:

Tips from CIRA, with added suggestions ...
How to complete your .CA domain registration or confirm "critical" updates:

1 Your Registrar submits your .CA domain application (or update) to CIRA.

2 CIRA will email their instructions to the Admin email address you provided in your application form. If that's _different_ than your "application contact email address", know that the only address CIRA uses is whatever you have in your "Admin-Mailbox:" field of *that* domain record, so make sure that works and gets to *you*.

You will need the information CIRA sends there to go to the CIRA web site: and confirm your "Registrant Agreement" with CIRA - CIRA will not complete and install your registration (or update) until you complete the confirmation process at CIRA's web site. Please check your "Admin" mailbox regularly, as you only have 7 days to confirm your registration (or later updates CIRA considers "critical") or CIRA will cancel your request.

3 Once done, you can check that everything is ok by entering your domain name at: . If it lists the full details of your registration, then you have successfully completed your registration. If it shows a partial record but without all your details, then CIRA is still waiting for you to successfully complete your confirmation (the process listed in step 2) at: and you should try to do so again. If CIRA states that the domain is "available", then your request has expired and you should submit a new application through your Registrar.

If you have questions on CIRA's processes and procedures, you can contact CIRA at 1-877-860-1411, or by sending email to "".

Some additional notes and hints if you have problems with step 2:

I - The CIRA email referred to in step 2 contains detailed instructions and your CIRA user code and password. CIRA always sends this message to the domain's Admin email address (what's in your "Admin-Mailbox:" field). If you did not receive yours, the usual reasons are:

- Is the email address in your "Admin-Mailbox" field invalid, or does it go to the wrong person? CIRA _only_ uses the "Admin-Mailbox" email address from your current registration or application - does this email go to *you*?

If your registration is still waiting for your confirmation for this reason, check your original application form to see what you entered there. If it needs to be fixed, email a request to your Registrar from the working email address that you want your "Admin-Mailbox" field corrected to.

- You may have accidentally deleted the message CIRA sent. If so, ask your Registrar to ask CIRA to resend it to your "Admin-Mailbox" email address.

- You may be having difficulties with your email functionality, either internally or externally - contact whoever is responsible for your email services.

II - You have 7 days from the time CIRA sends you the email to complete the approval process. If you do not confirm the registration then CIRA will cancel your application. If you run into difficulties you can request a 7 day extension from your registrar and CIRA may grant an extension ONCE depending on a number of conditions.

III - If you have problems accessing CIRA's confirmation web page to complete the approval process, you should do the following:
- Try accessing - if you can get there, then CIRA sites are up and running, and that the problem is most likely _not_ at CIRA. On the other hand, if you get a cryptic "Oracle" error message, then you should report the problem directly to CIRA.
- If you get to and cannot get to the approval site listed in CIRA's email, then you may be behind a firewall which will not allow you to access sites that use COOKIES. If this is the case you should discuss your problem with your own internal technical resource people.
- If you get to the approval site but get the message "your COOKIES are not on" OR if your web browser keeps looping you back to CIRA's login page, it's because your security settings on your browser are too high and you do not accept cookies. Adjust your web browser's local security settings.
- Special note: if you are running Microsoft "Windows" combined with Microsoft "Internet Explorer" 4.X, then COOKIES will rarely work properly - it's a chronic Microsoft problem. If this is your situation you should try the following:

- Use a computer that has better software.
- Load a new, better, web browser on your computer. There are many good free web browsers available on the Internet which work very well and do properly support "cookies".
- If on a Microsoft system, upgrade to "IE" 5.x or newer, which may work a little better, or get and install Netscape.
- Rebooting a Microsoft system may solve a "garbled display" problem and many of the other problems common to Microsoft.
- Use Netscape in a UNIX or Linux environment, which solves almost all problems.
- Ensure that you're not behind a firewall that blocks your connections.
- If you're experiencing connectivity problems, use your "traceroute" command to determine where the problem is and ask your local network administrator to contact the appropriate person responsible for that broken Internet network segment.

- If your CIRA user code (account) and password are rejected by CIRA's system, this is usually because of errors in typing the password. A common problem is that users have the CAPSLOCK key on and CIRA passwords are case sensitive so that "X" does not equal "x". Easiest thing is to use your mouse to COPY and PASTE the password into the correct field being careful not to COPY leading or trailing spaces.

- Make sure you're using the correct CIRA account and password for the domain you're trying to confirm.

If you're trying to confirm an update request _subsequent_ to registration, remember that after you confirmed your registration, CIRA replaced your temporary password with a permanent one and emailed your new permanent password to your Admin email address at that time. Make sure you're using the correct password. If you've lost it, use the password request form interface on your Registrar's web pages to ask CIRA to resend it to your Admin email address.

Once your registration is fully completed, you can check to see what address CIRA is using for you by entering your .CA domain name at: and clicking on the entry it returns. The CIRA "whois" server will display your domain record, including a field labelled "Admin-Mailbox:". If this is not your email address, try sending email to that address to see who actually gets the message, or simply ask your Registrar to set it to _your_ working email address.

If your Admin email address no longer works for any reason and you can't recover your CIRA account and password to be able to confirm what CIRA considers a "critical change", follow the instructions under: .

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