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There is currently NO fee to create a CIRA Registrant record without a domain.
You may add or transfer domains after activating your new Registrant ID at CIRA.
(Note that CIRA purges unused Registrant records periodically)

How to contact me (the person submitting this form):
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When submitting this request, please provide YOUR contact information above, not someone else's.
The above *APPLICATION*contact* information is solely to identify *YOU* the person submitting this application, solely intended to tell us who to correspond with about this. It will NOT appear in the actual Registrant record unless you also specify it below as the contact info for CIRA.

The following is to be recorded at CIRA:

Registrant: (full legal name of Organization or person to hold .CA domains):
Legal Type:
CIRA documentation: "Canadian Presence Requirements" and legal types:

The Registrant and Administrative contact is:

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(Totally functional Registrant address for critical email.)

Notes: Communicate any important issues to your Registrar:
Take a moment to review your application, rather than suffer delays while difficulties are resolved via the email address you have supplied.

I hereby certify that I am the person I have named above as the application contact, that I am authorized by the Registrant to make this registration request, and that I take full responsibility for it.

Your application will be auto-forwarded to your CA Registrar to process at CIRA.
You will be advised by email when to attend at

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