How to fix a broken .CA domain Admin email address with CIRA

Your fastest and easiest resolution is to restore your current Admin email address of record, then use it to authorize your submission(s) at

If unable to do so for any reason, create a simple appropriate letter, including:
- Registrant's letterhead
- name, position, and signature of a responsible official of the Registrant
- the specific request(s) to be accomplished
- signature over printed name.
Scan the letter into any common OpenSource format (eg. .jpg, .gif, .pdf. .ps).
Email your signed scanned letter to:
Please do _not_ use any proprietary format requiring unsecurable systems we would not have for well-known security reasons.

Concurrently, please submit your actual Admin, Tech and/or DNS request(s) online at so that your request set can be expedited with a minimum of extra bother to you once the authorizing letter is received.

1989-2000 common sense with your CA Domain Comittee liason. (free)
2001-Jan 2004 CIRA "ECAC" procedure. (free)
2004-Nov 2008 CIRA "MCAC" procedure.
2008-Oct 2010 CIRA "MCACE" procedure. (fee applied)
Oct 2010 - today: CIRA now permits the Registrar to directly assist the Registrant with such corrections, no fee.
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