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Ed A. Hew, senior founding partner and owner of XeniTec Consulting Services, operates CA Registry as a CIRA Certified Registrar continuing .CA domain registration services since 1992, and is a partner in the SCO and Caldera Authorized Standard International Training Centers providing training and support for hundreds of organizations and thousands of UNIX users and administrators throughout North America and worldwide since 1989.

Ed brings with him the cumulative knowledge of eighteen years of intensive SCO Xenix, UNIX, and SCO|Caldera OpenServer, UnixWare and OpenUNIX experience, plus extensive Internet, Intranet, and connectivity involvement and provision. As a student once remarked, "Ed actually *works* with this stuff!"

Ed's general computing background since 1970 includes programming, technical marketing, consulting, UNIX hot-line technical support, onsite and remote system and network administration, authorized technical training, and all aspects of Internet connectivity, as well as cooperation with SCO and Caldera engineering in alpha and beta programs, and active participation in SCO Curriculum Development. Ed has on occasion been called upon by publishers and authors of UNIX publications for technical review, such as provision of substantial technical contributions to the first edition of the Canadian Internet Handbook.

Ed was one of the principal founders and builders, administering KWnet and its NOC - the first Canadian municipal area network, non-profit in his home community of Kitchener-Waterloo In the early 1990s.

Ed created and maintains the SCO USENET newsgroups and gated mailing lists , and continues to serve as moderator of the comp.unix.sco.announce USENET newsgroup. In addition to authoring and maintaining various FAQs on the 'NET, Ed also remains the authority and administrator of the USENET "biz" newsgroup hierarchy.

Ed held the volunteer position of Canadian UUCP Map Coordinator from 1992 to 2000, responsible for maintaining and publishing the Canadian Connectivity Maps through the Internet, which then provided the link data necessary for pathalias email routing. In conjunction, he served on the CA Domain Committee from 1992 to 2001 in the volunteer role of CA Domain Registry liaison, authorized for and processing CA subdomain applications and updates for the Canadian UUCP community, the province of Ontario, and unaffiliated Canadian organizations, later receiving an award from CANARIE in 2001 recognizing his contribution towards founding and building the .CA domain. With the long-delayed advent of CIRA in Sept 2001, CA Registry became a CIRA Certified Registrar, continuing .CA domain registration and maintenance services.

Ed was appointed to the CAUCE Canada Board of Directors in January 2002 to help organize and coordinate CAUCE's ongoing fight against Internet abuse.

Ed's ability to effectively provide practical knowledge and guidance based on technical expertise is acknowledged within the industry and Internet community.


As you can likely appreciate, Ed is away from "fun stuff" most of the time and thus is already swamped with email and the occasional bit of Real Paying Work (TM).

Be kind, and he will endeavour to reciprocate.

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