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Please update DNS records for the CIRA registered .CA domain: .CA
Careful! Do NOT prepend the name of any host (such as "www")

How to contact me (the person submitting this form):
My Name
My Organization
My Areacode & Phone #
->IMPORTANT: provide an email address that works! My Email Address

This request must be placed by one of the contacts listed in the domain's current registration record.

There is currently NO fee for DNS updates.

Nameservers - Primary and Secondary are manditory:

FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)IP Number
NS1: (Primary)
NS2: (Secondary)
FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)IP Number
NS3: (optional)
NS4: (optional)
NS5: (optional)
NS6: (optional)

Do -NOT- submit your nameserver listing change prematurely.
Please ensure that your new nameservers respond with the proper NS, SOA and A records when queried, otherwise your connectivity will be be broken!

Notes (Communicate any important issues to your Registrar):

I hereby certify that I am the person I have named above, am authorized by the Registrant to make this update request, and that I take full responsibility for it.

Your new nameserver listing request will be auto-forwarded to your CA Registrar.
Please authorize installation of this request by email from the CIRA Admin email address of record for the domain you want changed, so that we can serve you quickly.

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